Get Your Website Ready for this Christmas Season

Get Your Website Ready for this Christmas Season

With Christmas fast approaching there is no better time to ensure your website is ready for a potential increase in traffic (especially online shops). Some small tweaks to your website will show both new and existing customers what your business can offer them this Christmas, whilst ultimately improving  visibility on search engines.

Get festive

Make your website look and feel festive. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, here are a few ideas:

  • add a santa hat to your logo
  • offer a holiday discount code
  • update images with a festive frame
  • Switch to a Christmas-themed hero image
  • add a Christmas themed popup with a Shop Now offer for Christmas related products or services
  • add a holiday themed background

Website navigation

Make it easy for your customers to find your Christmas gifts and offers by creating a dedicated page to promote them. 

Keep it fresh

To ensure you are driving lots of traffic to your site, it’s important to have lots of fresh content, so get busy now organising blog posts in advance!

Make sure to sprinkle some holiday-based keywords throughout your content to boost your content’s visibility in search engines.

Website Speed

Customers want a shopping experience that is fast and seamless.  So ensuring your site loads fast with an increase in traffic is super important. Remember customers are more likely to leave your website if it takes too long to load pages. Prior to the Christmas period make sure you conduct performance tests on your site to ensure optimal performance

Make customers aware of shipping deadlines

If you have an online store let customers know your Christmas shipping deadlines. There is nothing worse than buying a product and then finding out AFTER payment has been made that it will not be delivered for Christmas. 

Don’t forget January and February

January and February are known for being some of the slowest months for sales. Utilising the Christmas rush to upsell these forgotten months is a great way to prepare for this. Reward December customers by offering them discounts in January and February.

Lastly, once this holiday season is over for another year, don’t forget to remove all the festive decorations and offers from your website. 

If you need some support getting Christmas ready, feel free to book a call or send us an email. Happy holidays!

Divi Speed and Performance Update

Divi Speed and Performance Update

Have you ever heard of the Divi Theme?  With over 2 million active users, it is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world!

The Divi theme builder was designed and developed by Elegant Themes and comes with over 100 pre-made modules/website layouts that can be easily dragged into your website to give you instant website elements such as image sliders, contact forms, accordions, blurbs, number counters, shops, and so much more.

However it’s not just a WordPress theme, it’s a  complete design framework that allows you to design and customise every part of your website. With this theme, you have full control over everything! Even better, you  don’t need to know any code such as HTML, CSS, or PHP!

Website speed is incredibly important, and in the past Divi has been a little slow compared to other themes.  So we were super excited with the recent speed and performance update.

What are the speed and performance updates?

Dynamic PHP Framework

Most developers know that Divi was a little slow especially if you didn’t have great hosting. Divi used to load every module in the theme on every single page and post; however now it will ONLY load and process the modules and features you use. 

Dynamic CSS

Divi will now automatically identify critical CSS, deferring non-critical styles and reducing the Divi Builder’s CSS output by combining duplicate styles. Less CSS, means a much faster load time.

New Performance Options

After updating to Divi 4.10 you’ll notice a new “Performance” tab in the Theme Options where you can easily switch most of these speed enhancements ON or OFF if you find that you are running into any issues

So if you were thinking about doing any updates in the next few weeks to your website PLEASE HOLD OFF.  A  few bugs have been identified with the initial updates, so for the moment sit tight until these bugs are resolved.

If you have any questions about Divi or would like to have a quick chat, please get in touch


Why your website must be mobile friendly

Why your website must be mobile friendly

With 91 % of Australians owning smartphones it’s pretty important that your website is mobile friendly.  I mean you only have to look around to verify this statistic, most people have their head buried in a mobile device.

When a potential customer visits your website on their mobile device and they are met with poor layout, clunky navigation and images that won’t load, do you think they will buy from you? The answer is, it’s highly unlikely, what is likely is they might go to your competitors mobile friendly website instead (that’s called a missed opportunity).

What are the features of a mobile friendly website?

  • A website optimised for mobile will display correctly on your smartphone or tablet
  • Each page will fit and adjust well to your screen size
  • Images will load quickly and will fit correctly 

What can you do to optimise your website?

  • Compress images so they are quick to load (especially if the user is on mobile data)
  • Add a caching plugin
  • Minify your code
  • Keep all plugins/themes/WordPress up to date
  • Redesign popups for mobile devices

Some other things to check:

  • Ensure clickable elements are not  too close together
  • Check that your content is no wider than the screen

Google LOVES a mobile friendly website and prioritises mobile page load speed as a key metric when determining your website’s search ranking, this is a big deal considering around  94% of organic search traffic comes from Google.

Take the test 

Google has a free tool where you can test how well your site is optimised for mobile. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will fail. 

Did you fail the test? If so, what can you do?

Reach out to us for a free audit. We will give you a list of things you can do to improve your website.


Call to Action Techniques That Will Greatly Improve Your Website & Conversions

Call to Action Techniques That Will Greatly Improve Your Website & Conversions

Every successful pitch in marketing ends with a top quality call to action. This is Marketing 101 and it’s quite the cliche. However, it’s also the naked truth. If you don’t have a convincing closer in your arsenal of marketing tricks, your whole presentation is doomed to fall on deaf ears.

Before you let go of the reader’s attention, you need to plant the seed of conviction in their mind. In this article we’ll explore a few of the most efficient and effective call to action techniques in order to shed some light on what makes the final paragraph of your pitch the most crucial. (more…)