Facebook for small businesses – what you need to know

Facebook for small businesses – what you need to know

Facebook is the most widely used social network with more than 2.7 billion monthly users. It’s one of the first places people go to to get information about a business. A Facebook business page helps people learn about what your business does, how people can get in touch with you and where you are located. Your page allows you to connect with your customers and nurture potential customers by:

  • Sharing content
  • Responding to customer enquiries
  • Collaborating with customers and other brands
  • Having personal conversations with followers
  • And more…


What are the key benefits of having a Facebook Business page?

  • Reach! With over 2.7 billion monthly active users the reach potential is huge
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Target audience by location and demographics 
  • Access to valuable audience insights ( page likes, post reach, page views)
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase website traffic
  • See what your competitors are up to 


How much does a Facebook Business page cost?

The good news is a Facebook Business page is FREE.

Here are some important tips for creating an engaging Facebook page:

  • Eye-catching profile photo and cover picture
  • Include videos
  • Pin important posts
  • Share valuable content
  • Engage with your audience and build relationships (remember, it’s not about selling)


If you want to expand your business online it’s definitely worth setting up a Facebook Business page.  Just remember to configure your page correctly and before you start promoting your page to customers and prospects have lots of engaging content ready for them to read!

If you would like a hand with any graphics for your Facebook page, cover photo or profile image reach out to us.

Why your website must be mobile friendly

Why your website must be mobile friendly

With 91 % of Australians owning smartphones it’s pretty important that your website is mobile friendly.  I mean you only have to look around to verify this statistic, most people have their head buried in a mobile device.

When a potential customer visits your website on their mobile device and they are met with poor layout, clunky navigation and images that won’t load, do you think they will buy from you? The answer is, it’s highly unlikely, what is likely is they might go to your competitors mobile friendly website instead (that’s called a missed opportunity).

What are the features of a mobile friendly website?

  • A website optimised for mobile will display correctly on your smartphone or tablet
  • Each page will fit and adjust well to your screen size
  • Images will load quickly and will fit correctly 

What can you do to optimise your website?

  • Compress images so they are quick to load (especially if the user is on mobile data)
  • Add a caching plugin
  • Minify your code
  • Keep all plugins/themes/WordPress up to date
  • Redesign popups for mobile devices

Some other things to check:

  • Ensure clickable elements are not  too close together
  • Check that your content is no wider than the screen

Google LOVES a mobile friendly website and prioritises mobile page load speed as a key metric when determining your website’s search ranking, this is a big deal considering around  94% of organic search traffic comes from Google.

Take the test 

Google has a free tool where you can test how well your site is optimised for mobile. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will fail. 

Did you fail the test? If so, what can you do?

Reach out to us for a free audit. We will give you a list of things you can do to improve your website.


Networking Tips for People that Hate Networking

Networking Tips for People that Hate Networking

Professional networking is an important part of being a startup and small business owner. We’ve all heard the saying – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But let’s face it, the thought of getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people can be very daunting. It’s completely normal to feel a little apprehensive at the prospect of attending a professional networking event, especially if you’re not an extrovert or not a big fan of small talk. 

The good news is that you are not alone, almost everyone hates networking. The key is preparation – being prepared will make the event less stressful and you might even enjoy it! 

Our Top Tips for Preparing of the Event

  • Have a goal in mind, know what you want to achieve at the event. Having a goal will ensure you remain focused 
  • Dress for success – you are the face of your business so creating a good first impression is important
  • Ensure you have your 30 second elevator pitch which communicates your unique selling point

At the Networking Event

  • Arrive early!
  • Work the room – do not stand in one spot as this will limit the number of people you meet
  • Sell yourself – introduce yourself, listen for their name and share your 30 second elevator pitch
  • Ask for contact details – ask the people you meet for a business card or connect with them on Linkedin or other social platforms

Post the Event

  • Follow up the people you met, even with just a simple message on Linkedin, start building a rapport with them.

Good luck, just remember nearly everyone hates networking so you are definitely not alone. 

How to create an Effective FAQ Page

How to create an Effective FAQ Page

An effective website will answer your customer’s questions before they even realise they want to ask them. You don’t want to leave your customers wondering… otherwise you’ll lose them. This rule not only applies to your potential customers, but also your SEO strategy with Google. If Google can’t quickly find an answer to its customer’s problems, then it will go elsewhere, which means pointing the user in the direction of your competitors. One of the simplest ways to tackle this problem is to set up a well-optimized, effective FAQ page, otherwise known as Frequently Asked Questions. Your FAQ page is essential to providing both your customers and the search engines all the key information they need about your product, service and brand. (more…)

7 Website Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business Before You Even Start

7 Website Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business Before You Even Start

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