Our Top Free SEO Tools to Help Your Website Rank Higher

Our Top Free SEO Tools to Help Your Website Rank Higher

When creating online content, you need to have an SEO strategy. This will ensure your content is as optimised as possible for search engines. If you’re looking to get started with SEO or you simply just want to achieve better results, here are a few of our favourite FREE SEO tools you should be using.

Free SEO Tools:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing purposes. 

So what exactly can you do with Google analytics – here are 15 use cases. 

  • Sync your Search Console account
  • Create SEO-related goals
  • Use the organic visitors’ segment
  • Compare non-organic visitors to organic
  • Find top-performing content
  • Look at top-performing landing pages
  • Use the Content Drilldown report
  • Add annotations to track content updates
  • Use the Multi-Channel Funnel report
  • Track keywords in Google Analytics
  • Find referral sites
  • Manage your PPC spend
  • Check how Google views your website
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Set up alerts

2. Google Search Console (GSC)

Whilst Google Analytics is user focused GSC is search engine focused. GSC helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google search.  You can also use it to ensure your site maintenance or any updates you make do not negatively impact your SEO.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a powerful SEO tool that lets you elevate your content marketing strategy through in-depth keyword analysis.  With this tool, you can select keywords that enable you to create killer content which will  rank your site higher. Its key features, on top of keyword suggestions, include content ideas, domain reviews, and backlink information.

4. Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to optimise your WordPress site and identify gaps in your content. With Yoast, you can set meta descriptions, titles, canonical URL, and label index/no-index pages and other backend settings on your site. This plugin will assign every post a readability score by measuring sentence and paragraph length and other criteria.

5. Rank Math Plugin

With Rank Math, you can add structure, descriptions, and meta titles to your content. The tool will give your content an SEO score for each page. It also offers suggestions on how to increase your ranking for a particular keyword you’re targeting. Use this plugin to  identify and fix any dead links on your website and redirect visitors to new pages.

6. Exploding Topics

If you want to stay ahead of content trends, then give this tool a go!  This platform analyses websites, search histories, and media platforms across the web to identify topics that are gaining popularity. Simply choose a time interval (which ranges from a month to five years), and all trending keywords with growth, monthly searches, and graphs will pop up. 

These  free SEO tools will give you loads of useful data, as each tool has slightly different features we recommend you try a few of them. Give the free versions a try  first and if needed you can easily upgrade to a paid tool to unlock even more features (if needed).

If you have any questions about SEO tools or your website please reach out for a chat.

12 Tips for Creating a Landing Page That Converts

12 Tips for Creating a Landing Page That Converts

A landing page is a dedicated web page, which is created for the purpose of encouraging prospective customers to take action. 

This action is normally related to lead generation or sales. A landing page can be used to encourage prospective customers to sign up for a product demo, download an ebook, get a free trial or sign up for a webinar. 

It’s called a landing page because visitors land on the page after clicking a link in a paid ad (like Facebook or Instagram) or a marketing campaign. Whether you’re trying to collect leads or drive sales,  a landing page unlike a website will keep your audience focused, which means they are more likely to convert. 

Key elements of a landing page

Message match

Make sure  ad copy and ad creative matches your landing page.  Strong message match increases  conversions because it reassures people they’ve come to the right place. By matching the copy of your ads with your landing page, you increase the chances that your visitors will  continue with your call to action and won’t just exit your page.

Headlines should be above the fold

Above the fold is the first spot that people see when they visit your landing page. As people have a very short attention span it’s important to have a compelling headline, sales proposition and call to action above the fold.  If people have to scroll, they might miss this important information.

Showcase products and services

Use images and product demo videos to showcase your product or service. People are time poor and they want to quickly scan your page to find out what you have to offer. Videos allow you to quickly and effectively communicate what problem your product or service solves. 

Keep it simple

A landing page should include all the  necessary information, but not so much as to overwhelm (and as a result, drive away) the visitor.

Provide the essential information  that will spark interest in your audience and nothing more. A good landing page will focus on ONE conversion goal only. Don’t confuse customers or try to get them to do too many things. 

Social proof

When it comes to landing pages, social proof refers to any evidence that other people in similar situations have purchased or used a product/service and gotten value out of it. 

So you need to stop talking about how great your product or service is and show it.  There are lots of different types of social proof you can include on your landing page, such as:

  • case studies
  • customer testimonials
  • Snippets from customer reviews from social media
  • Influencer endorsement 


Use clear and compelling copy that inspires your audience to download/sign up/book a demo. Copy should be written to directly speak to your target audience and their pain points.


Keep it fast- a slow loading page could result in losing customers. To check your page speed, check out Google Page Speed Insights or Pingdom.

Hero Image

A hero image also known as a hero shot is an image or video that is the first thing someone sees when they visit your landing page. This image is your first chance to convey exactly what your page is about. 

It’s important to ensure your hero image is:

  • relevant – for example if you are selling apples you wouldn’t have a image of bananas
  • Where possible use an original image or video instead of stock images
  • Use real people where possible as real people will generally result in higher conversion rates

Call to action

Your CTA is the action you want your website visitor to take. It doesn’t matter if your landing page objective is increasing sales, generating email leads or developing customer relationships, you ultimately want conversions.

  • Make it super clear regarding what action you want someone to take, eg, download, sign up, book a demo
  • Make sure the location of your CTA is prominently displayed (don’t hide it below the fold)
  • Ensure  the  CTA button has a lot of white space or has a contrasting colour to the rest of the page (you want it to stand out)

Include a USP

A unique selling point is the  thing that differentiates you from the competition

  • It states what’s unique or different about you
  • The thing that’s unique or different is DESIRABLE to your prospective customer
  • It is specific, not a watered-down summary
  • It is succinct 

Only ask for the information you really need.

The more you ask people to do the less likely they are to do it. People are time poor and do not have time to fill out a form with lots of fields.
Normally name and email address would suffice however it depends on your offer. Just remember less is more.

Creating optimized landing pages doesn’t have to be overwhelming .  If you apply these tips then your conversion rates will reflect this. 

To get more tips or to have a quick chat about a landing page  get in touch today.

Refer a Friend – We want to reward you!

Refer a Friend – We want to reward you!

We’ve been so amazed by how many of you are spreading the love about Payneless Media that we decided to give away even more value! So, we’ve completely redesigned our Refer a Friend Program to reflect this!

To thank you, our wonderful and loyal clients, we have decided to introduce a refer a friend discount.  We love that you share our details already, so we wanted to reward you for doing so!

How does our new Refer a Friend program work?

It’s pretty simple – Refer a friend, and when they sign up you AND your friend will get a $5 monthly discount off your website’s maintenance plan.

Even better, it compounds, so if you refer 2 friends you will get a $10 monthly discount off your maintenance plan!  Refer 12 friends and (depending on your maintenance plan) you could receive your maintenance for FREE. How crazy is that?

What is website maintenance?

It’s the practice of monitoring your website’s overall health and performance. Keeping a website up-to-date is crucial to ensuring it’s working at full capacity, engaging and retaining site visitors. We also include regular backups, website hosting as well as reporting in our packages. There is nothing worse than visiting a website and it has broken links, images are not loading and worse it’s super slow! If your friends are unsure of the importance of a website maintenance plan they can check out our recent blog.

If you have a friend that needs our services – a new website, better hosting, or updates performed on their website ask them to get in touch with us and to mention your name when they do to take advantage of this awesome offer.

Increase Website Traffic with Video

Increase Website Traffic with Video

‘’A picture is worth a thousand words,” these were the words of Henrik Ibsen, one of the most influential playwrights in history. Now, think about this: if a picture is worth 1000 words, how many words will a video be worth? To find out what the benefits are of having video on your website keep reading. 

Video Showcases Your Brand Personality

In this digital age, many people communicate, work, and shop online. And while this is convenient, it means people are no longer putting faces to names as much as they used to. With video content, you can humanize your brand. A well-showcased brand personality enables visitors to better understand who you are, what you do and why they need you or your product or service.

This sort of video doesn’t need to be high end or polished either, it could honestly be a video you’ve taken yourself on your phone just explaining who you are, what you do and how you can help.

Demonstrates Your Products or Services

You may be offering services or products that many people are unfamiliar with. With a well-created video, you can simplify everything, making it easier for visitors to understand. Product demo videos are a great way to educate website visitors about your products! And incorporating product demonstrations into your FAQs page is great for everyone! If your service is something online, you may want to also use Loom to create your video easily.

Video Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

While not all businesses are using videos to market their products and services, more and more companies are adopting this strategy. That means businesses that are yet to take advantage of video content  have a limited time to jump ship and keep up with the competition, or even stay ahead of it.

Spruce Up Your Testimonials

Standard text testimonials are pretty boring, let’s be honest. If you want to set your brand apart as your customers for video testimonials – especially if you have an online shop. This not only encourages visitors to stay longer on your site, but it also creates a whole extra level of trust from previous buyers to potential buyers. How much more willing are you to spend money on a new product if you can see and hear someone saying good things about it?

Video Improves SEO

Video content gives your website an edge with search engines. For instance, who owns YouTube, the second-largest search engine. You guessed it right, Google, the king of search engines! What this means is that having a well-optimised YouTube channel on your website could boost your site’s search engine results. 

However, the main reason videos are great for search engine optimisation is that they keep visitors on your site longer. The time a visitor stays on your site also determines how well you rank in search engines. With an engaging video (for example 2 – 4 minutes), visitors (potential customers) will have a reason to spend more time on your website. That’s 2-4 minutes of additional time they wouldn’t have spent otherwise, which will decrease your website’s bounce rate, encouraging Google to rank you higher.

Bottom Line

Attracting visitors to your website is critical to the success of your business. Most people are time poor and are wanting quick and engaging ways to learn about your business. Video content is the perfect medium to educate, entertain and showcase your brand

If you would like to discuss how video content can enhance your website, get in touch with our team. 

Why You Need a Lead Magnet on Your Website

Why You Need a Lead Magnet on Your Website

An issue a lot of businesses face is gaining trust, I mean think about it, how often do you visit a service based website and buy something the same day? As a consumer we want to get to know a business before we work with them or buy from them. It takes a lot of effort to get someone to your website in the first place and this effort could be wasted if you don’t get their contact information. So how can you do this? The answer is via a lead magnet. (more…)