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A form of writing specifically used for websites and other online activities, such as blogs and forums, content writing falls within the same realm of general writing but simply means that the information provided is relevant to a specific topic that is aimed for a specifically targeted audience. Content writing, in association with search engine optimization, is required to contain keywords related to the topic at hand in an effort to drive traffic (both new and old) to the website via any of the well-known search engines that live online. Moreover, content writing (like any other form of writing) must be presented in a formatted way that usually consists of headers and paragraphs; meta-tag descriptions are one form. The Payneless Media website designer team are experts in all fields including content writing and can help clients present their material in a professional and inviting manner that can increase traffic to their website through optimizing the content so that any keywords related to a specific topic will show up near the top of the list when the topic is searched.

Payneless Media is a Melbourne based web design and graphic design agency, providing professional branding, seo services, printing and marketing solutions.
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